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‘NINETY DAYS’ — Reviews and Shoutouts

Read the write-up about Ninety Days In The 90s from Independent Book Review, 15 October 2022.

More reviews about the ultimate 90s music book and time travel novel.

‘NINETY DAYS’— featured on WGN TV

9 Good Minutes, with Larry Hawley

October 2022

Author and sports writer Andy Frye decided to make this the subject of his new fiction book “Ninety Days in the 90s.” It chronicles Darby Derrex’s time travel back to the decade with only a limited amount of time to fix some things from the past.

Read the story and watch Andy speak with Larry Hawley of WGN-TV here.

‘NINETY DAYS’— featured on Podcasts

Updates 2023

Nicstalgia podcast, with Nicole Tremaglio

Andy and Nicole chat about his book, Ninety Days in the 90s, the vibrant Chicago music scene, and how changes in popular culture are more gradual than we make them out to be in hindsight.

We dive into the quintessential Gen X topics: mix tapes, zines, the emergence of college and independent radio, and the age-old idea of being a ‘sellout’. How can you avoid betraying your ideals while still growing as an artist? Are Generation X authentic to a fault?

Watch the video podcast here.

Surely You Can’t Be Serious podcast

Andy talks with Dee & Jason about how protagonist Darby discovers a way to travel through time, reconnect with old friends, relive old concerts, and take a second shot at love. And how great the 1990s Chicago Bulls were.

Hear the October 2022 episode on Spotify.

September 2022

CAR CON CARNE: “The World’s Only Food Podcast Recorded in a Car”

Andy Frye joined Chicago radio legend James VanOsdel to talk about the book and what time travel to the 1990s might look like. No food, but tons of music perspective.

Hear the September 2022 episode on Spotify.

BEYOND THE PEN: a literary podcast

Andy Frye joined Mack Griffin of BEYOND THE PEN, to talk about his new book, 1990s music, grunge, time travel, and the writing process. Hear the August 2022 episode on Spotify.

July 2022


In July 2022, Andy Frye spoke with Manuel Amezcua about his switch from a business career to writing, and discussed the themes of ‘NINETY DAYS IN THE 90s’ such as Generation X.

Amezcua asked: “Why do we still have to talk about authenticity? Why isn’t authenticity just understood?”

Andy’s response: “Generation X is sort of obsessed with authenticity. In the ’80s (we were told), ‘fake it til you make it’ … or … you need to be Steve Jobs to be successful. But I look stupid in a black turtleneck.”

Listen here.