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‘NINETY DAYS’ — Reviews and Shoutouts

Preview of an upcoming write-up in Independent Book Review (Fall 2022).

“Andy Frye’s NINETY DAYS IN THE 90s is an intelligently written, pop culture-filled blast from the past. A great read to ease one’s aching nostalgia. Or to some, a journey back to discover why the 90s will forever remain an obsession.”

~ Stephanie Wilson, author of Big Waves & Wooden Benches

Anyone who lived in this decade should brace themselves for NINETY DAYS. You’re about to go back.

~ Jeff Winkowski, author of Time of Your Life: Hardcore, Punk, Indie, Rock and a Life Well Begun in Milwaukee

How did Andy Frye write perhaps my favorite piece of fiction about my least favorite decade? Beats me, man, but more of this mystery and magic, please.

~ Kevin Smokler, author of Brat Pack America: A Love Letter to 80s Teen Movies

Chicago is as much a character as it is a setting, and Frye rivals Nick Hornby in his ability to use musical references as a storytelling device, navigating relationship highs and lows.

~ Jim Ryan, Chicago-based music journalist

‘NINETY DAYS’— Featured on Podcasts

August 2022

ONLY 3 LADS: A Classic Alternative Music Podcast

Andy Frye joined Brett & Uncle Gregg of ONLY 3 LADS, a classic alternative music podcast to talk up his “5 Most Underrated” 1990s albums. Hear the August 2022 episode on Spotify.

BEYOND THE PEN: a literary podcast

Andy Frye joined Mack Griffin of BEYOND THE PEN, to talk about his new book and the writing process. Hear the August 2022 episode on Spotify.

July 2022


In July 2022, Andy Frye spoke with Manuel Amezcua about his switch from a business career to writing, and discussed the themes of ‘NINETY DAYS IN THE 90s’ such as Generation X.

Amezcua asked: “Why do we still have to talk about authenticity? Why isn’t authenticity just understood?”

Andy’s response: “Generation X is sort of obsessed with authenticity. In the ’80s (we were told), ‘fake it til you make it’ … or … you need to be Steve Jobs to be successful. But I look stupid in a black turtleneck.”

Listen here.