“Andy Frye’s NINETY DAYS IN THE 90s is an intelligently written, pop culture-filled blast from the past. A great read to ease one’s aching nostalgia. Or to some, a journey back to discover why the 90s will forever remain an obsession.”

~ Stephanie Wilson, author of Big Waves & Wooden Benches

“I f***ing love this book. It takes all the angsty, music-loving elements of High Fidelity and mashes it up with the fast-paced humor of Hot Tub Time Machine. Grab a flannel, dust off your Doc Martens, and prepare to be transported on a wild ride through the best decade of the 20th century.

~ Steve Lemig, author of Just Act Natural, A Memoir

NINETY DAYS transported me back to summer days hanging out at a record store, watching Bulls games, playing music and games of I’m-more-punk-than-you with frenemies. 

Anyone who lived in this decade needs to brace themselves before reading NINETY DAYS. You’re about to go back.

~ Jeff Winkowski, author of Time of Your Life: Hardcore, Punk, Indie, Rock and a Life Well Begun in Milwaukee

How did Andy Frye write perhaps my favorite piece of fiction about my least favorite decade? Beats me, man, but more of this mystery and magic, please.

~ Kevin Smokler, author of Brat Pack America: A Love Letter to 80s Teen Movies

Chicago is as much a character as it is a setting, and Frye rivals Nick Hornby in his ability to use musical references as a storytelling device, navigating relationship highs and lows. Sometimes you can go back. Sometimes it’s great.

~ Jim Ryan, Chicago-based music journalist