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Ninety Days In The 90s: A Rock N Roll Time Travel Story

Miss the 90s? Ready for a time travel adventure? What if Bill And Ted went to the 1990s —the age of Nirvana, grunge, punk and Lollapalooza— and they stopped in Portlandia along the way? Join Darby on her trip back to 1990s Chicago, as she relives her carefree twenties, soaking up all the pop culture, 90s music and nostalgia you could ever imagine. U.S. orders via PayPal. (PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS IS CORRECT.) **For international orders, order the paperback or Kindle version on Amazon. $15 per copy + $4 shipping & handling = $19


A portion of each book sale is donated to KT’s Kids, a Chicago-based nonprofit that organizes field trips and activities for kids and teens with physical disabilities.