Ninety Days In The 90s

Go see Nirvana’s first gig?
Buy some Amazon stock? Hit Lollapalooza?
 That all sounds great, but Darby has other things on her mind. 

Darby Derrex is not—repeat not—experiencing an early midlife crisis. (Or is she?) She’s failed on Wall Street and failed in her relationships. And once she returns to Chicago to take over her uncle’s record store, she decides she really needs a “do-over.”  Little does Darby know a time machine rumbles under her feet. 

Chicago, 1996: Grunge and indie rock top the charts. Concertgoers crowdsurf at Lollapalooza. Bands like Smashing Pumpkins rescue our ears from Celine Dion and hair metal. And it’s the year Darby left behind her music critic job—along with her true love, Lina. 

Once Darby gets back to the 90s, she tries to fix simple things. She’s having a blast, and that’s part of the problem. Plus, she has 90 days to return or stay back in time forever. Both options are tempting, but Darby has to face the music.  

Ninety Days In The 90s: A Rock N Roll Time Travel Story